V-Rap is a Big Fish Bait. V-Rap specifications: 10" length, 2.5 oz. weight.

V-Rap price: $18.00 plus shipping
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V-Rap is a Big Fish Bait. Mid and counter weigts make casting easy even into strong winds. Two large Regal Finish #9 Indiana spinner blades provide Musky calling flash and vibration while allowing you to easily control the depth of your presentation. A single 6/0 extra heavy treble is used for solid hook-ups. "Boink" - rubber tubing is incorporated over the split ring and hook shaft. "Boink" will keep the hook in-line with the bait, flex when fighting a trophy and make hook changing easy. To add a bit more flash, all baits are constructed using starflash skirts with that extra edge flash of glitter impregnated into each tentacle.