The T-Rex is designed to provide an extra large profile in the water without all the weight associated with most large Musky baits. T-Rex specifications: 14" length, 3.0 oz. weight.

T-Rex price: $20.00 plus shipping
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The T-rex's weight is distributed evenly, providing castability and a prey imitating level drop when pausing retrieve.  Three independent skirts combined with the 8" curl-tail grub give the T-rex strike provoking action.Two regal finish #8 colorado blades provide flash and vibration whether slow-rolling or burning your retrieve.   For that extra edge flash, all baits are constructed using starflash skirts with an attention grabbing flash of glitter impregnated into each tentacle.  Each T-rex has the hooking power of three hooks that remain in-line with the lure at any speed.  A  4/0-treble hook is located mid-lure with the back-third of the bait  locating  a 2/0 wide-gap treble and a #8 single hook.