The T-bone is designed to burn over cover with ease and can be used to count down when targeting open water suspended Musky. T-bone specifications: 12" length, 2.4 oz. weight.

T-bone price: $15.00 plus shipping
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The T-bone is engineered to burn over cover or slow-roll through open water. The weight is distributed for a level drop when pausing retrieve or when counting down. Two skirts combined with the 8" curil-tail grub provide the T-bone plenty of Musky annoying action The balanced weight combined with a regal finish single #8 colorado blade is sized to maximize flash, vibration and lure speed. To add a bit more flash, all baits are constructed using starflash skirts with that extra edge flash of glitter impregnated into each tentacle. Hooking power is provided by a #8 single hook (through the grub) and a wide-gap 2/0 treble hook belly banded on to the grub. This design keeps the hooks in-line with the lure at any speed.