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"I couldn't be happier with your bucktail. I ran your bucktails almost 90% of the time last year and they turned into my number 1 confidence baits for most of the season.  They put quite a few fish in the net and continued to run perfect! Built to last and great color schemes. Appreciate your continued supply of great bucktails for a good price." 

Ryan S.

"Lure runs great, caught in first thirty minutes fishing. Had 4 other follow ups that day." 

Ben V.

"I am really loving the Tug . It is a great bait on one of the lakes I guide on. Lots of weeds!!!! Never had an inline that could come thru the stuff plus love the way your blades start right up!! Very cool!!" 

Duane S.

"I showed my friends the bait that I bought from you and they were quite impressed by the quality." 

Dan B.

"Just wanted to let you know I received the  "Man Cave Baits" and all I can say is they're gorgeous and a huge thank you!!!!!!! Your baits are going to do well here and the guys in the club will love them! I You make some great high quality bucktails!!" 


"Very high quality stuff!"

Kevin B.

"I stopped using Bucktail baits until I tried yours. Built like a tank and run great. Thanks." 

Mike H.

"Your bucktails ran true and I had most of the action on black/silver. I caught the fish on the one with the rubber tail. Thanks for the help." 

Tim K.

“We honestly feel you make some of the finest spinners on the market.” 

Chris M.

“The Tug bite is on!!  Got a tank 39 ½ on a fig 8. Awesome strike!! Had 2 more try to eat. Only out 3 hours! Gave one to my guide buddy to use today and they had 5 in the boat and lost 3 others at boatside. Only bait they wanted!!!!”  

Duane S.