I hand build each lure with attention to quality and detail- the same picky detail I use to select a confidence bait for my own tackle box.

Tim Rafalski

specifications: 9" length, 1.7 oz. weight

The Tug design was developed to provide a smaller lure with plenty of flash, vibration and action.


specifications: 11" length, 2.0 oz. weight

The Grunt is designed to fish through weed cover and works just as well in rocks and open water. The lure is balanced to make that level deadly drop at the edge of a weed line.


The T-bone
specifications: 12" length, 2.4 oz. weight

The T-bone is engineered to burn over cover or slow-roll through open water. The weight is distributed for a level drop when pausing retrieve or when counting down.


specifications: 12” length, 3.3 oz. weight.

The Club was developed to push a large volume of water for slow retrieve conditions. The balanced weight makes it an ideal count-down lure to effectively work deep cover.


specifications: 14" length, 3.0 oz. weight

T-Rex is designed to provide an extra large profile in the water without all the weight associated with most large Musky baits.


specifications: 10" length, 2.5 oz. weight

The V-Rap is a Big Fish Bait.


specifications: 7" length, 1.5 oz. weight

The Rock is the right bait when small is the way to go.


The Live Wire Rig is a fully adjustable live bait rig.


Custom color combinations are available for all models. Dealer inquiries are welcome. For details or to make an order, contact info@mancavebaitcompany.com